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Originally Posted by JellyLegs View Post
I'm feeling a decided preference for this one person; a longing to be with them that in all honesty is stronger than my desire to be with the others. Sometimes I resent the time I'm spending with the others because its not with him...
In my experience, relationships often start out with everything going ridiculously smoothly, with everything coming up roses..., until the inevitable point at which the parties involved begin pushing each other's "buttons". And buttons get pushed for years and years, and slowly they get less irritating--but it involves work, and the work isn't all fun. Sometimes it's decidedly NOT fun. But this is part of a loving relationship, too. The work. And the pain. The challenges.

You just haven't gotten there with Mr SmoothAndEasy yet. That's why you are tending to prefer to be with him all the dang time. But you just wait! It'll come! I promise.
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