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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
Hahaha...I just want to say one thing.
It's not a gender's an extrovert/introvert thing.
Introverts aren't good at sharing and talking things out. They like to work it out within the mind and share only when it's been resolved on the deeper level.
Extroverts need to talk things out in order to figure them out.

Just a thought.....
I have several guys in my life who are great at sharing and I have females who have a really hard time sharing......
While I don't disagree that really simplifies it. I know introverts, who are introspective but when the time is right talk your ear off.

My wife is an extrovert...(actually she is an enigma) but she is very introspective...go figure, at the beginning of our adventure I would have thought I was going to be the introspective quiet one
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