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Originally Posted by SeekerOfTruth View Post
I don't deserve to be treated the way I have, and I have put up with it for far longer than I should.
I've learned that no one can make us come to these realizations and decisions - we need to come to them on our own. And finding resolve within yourself is a huge step. It takes self-love and courage, so congratulations.

Originally Posted by SeekerOfTruth View Post
But I still very much love my girlfriend, despite all of this, and I want her to be happy.... <snip> ....I want so badly to do something to help her, even though I know that continuing a relationship with her is not what I should do.... <snip> ....Is there nothing I can do for her? Again, my thanks to everyone who has responded here, you have been a universe of help.
Sometimes helping isn't about doing. As someone who has ended more than one relationship that were, for lack of a better word, abusive (un-empowering, demoralizing, not loving), I've experienced that taking care of my (your) self first is absolutely #1. At the very least, you can help by setting the example as someone who is doing an act of self love. She can follow by caring for herself and making positive changes in her life.

You can't change anyone else. All you can do is stay true to yourself and stay in your own "light".

There are people that I still love very much but don't speak to out of respect for myself. I tend to see the beauty in everyone and see the potential in everything and love accordingly. I've accepted that sending them loving thoughts can be enough. They are on their own path.

Good luck.
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