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Wink I'm back

I changed my mind about ending this thread & moving on. If I was to do so, my background story would not be a part of it, making my situation unexplained...

I did have a good talk with my wife's gf at my request, after my wife suggested it. It was not so I could divulge my desire to become a triad... but just to have a good chat about where things are at the moment & how we are feeling about it etc... It was a good chat. Without really mentioning it, we both agreed that this is an evolving relationship for us all & things will go where they go naturally, or words to that effect. ...& we drank allot of really good, strong coffee lol.

So here I am again a while later. Our journey is trotting along without much change. Day to day life has become part of our experience... as is should.
I am still hoping that the three of us will eventually evolve from a V to a triad in due time. In the meantime, I plan on enjoying the "ride" ... I'd like for the two of them to want me involved rather than just me wanting "in".. I do not want them thinking that I am obsessing about it... the way things are right now are great too. ...compersion...

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