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Default Is This Just New Relationship Energy?

I have a question I could use some advice on from some seasoned Poly people.

I've been polyamorous for quite a while now, and have had a number of different partners (one of those have been constant the whole time).

I met someone new recently and I'm feeling something I haven't felt before.

I'm feeling a decided preference for this one person; a longing to be with them that in all honesty is stronger than my desire to be with the others. Sometimes I resent the time I'm spending with the others because its not with him...

This feeling has been plaguing me for a while now; I can't seem to shake it.

How do I know if this is just 'new relationship energy', or there is a more fundamental issue here? How long would you wait to see if that 'new energy' wears off?

I feel on some level as if I'm being dishonest with my other partners - we don't do the whole 'primary/secondary' thing. My other partners are really, honestly, amazing people; there is no rational reason that I would not want to be with them. They are awesome boyfriends. But....what do I do?
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