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Sounds like things are going pretty good for you! I know it must be scary, though. I decided to pursue the polyamorous lifestyle in January of this year. On Saturday night, I slept in between two of the guys I am in love on each side of me. It's been a process of talking to them about how I wanted to continue to see each of them (and a few more people that I've known for a while) and being present with each of them when we are together. It helps that they like one another too!! Guys can be almost like kids and when the three of us are together, there are several different dynamics which take place.

One is where I'm the mother figure and they are brothers competing for my attention. As long as I validate both of them and show them each affection, they are fine!!

The other is where I'm the lover and they are each the man that is going to satisfy me intimately and sexually.

Another dynamic is where I'm the wife and they are there to assist me around the house and yard etc.

And another is that we are all friends and we are just having fun!!!'s all good.......good luck!!! and keep us posted !!!
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