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Default Approaching people when you're poly (and married)

So, hi, I just joined... and right off the bat I have a question that's been bothering me for some time.

I'm happily married to a beautiful woman, and have been that way for about 5 years. We've explored swinging with other girls and couples, and while it's great fun (loads... oodles... etc. etc.) , it's not what either of us are really looking for long term... we want "more"... whatever that "more" may be. Ideally a third or another couple as additions to our happy family, perhaps.

The big concern we have is where to start?

Just some background, we live in the deep south, are poly, my wife is bi, we're into BDSM, and I am an atheist. So in short, we're about one step below eating babies and worshipping the Debbil in the minds of our fellow Bible Belters.

Neither of us know how to begin to ask someone out and how/when to bring up the idea that A) We're married, and B) We're poly without alienating everyone we know.

Any advice, o'wise and wonderful Forumistas? :-)
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