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But RP...those moments in the beginning of a relationship can really create a great bond. I am thinking of when i was single. Those times when the hormones are racing, everything around you seems a blur, the rush of blood through the body...Its an untouchable tangible feeling that is unique to each merging.

I admit, it has lots of downs, and that is where controlling it, or tapering it, is key. But to hold back and wait for it to die out, I would think would have two affects

a) make it worse once you meet up like a balloon slowly filling with air, when you meet up it finally pops...
b) you miss out on the good of nre and possibly end up not having any connection beyond the friendship (ok this isn't ALWAYS bad, but I hope you get my meaning) Sometimes the NRE is a bond that can create the beginning of a relationship.

I 100% agree once a connection is made, that is wonderful and amazing btw. But those moments in beginning are so unique per connection that I personally would hate to loose that. I sometimes truly treasure those moments when I think back on relationships.

Very interesting perspective RP
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