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I like the term biamory as a self-description precisely because it emphasizes emotional and spiritual connection, relationship, bonding, loving... over sex. Sex is secondary in importance to this loving -- "-amory" for me and for most folks who prefer to call themselves biamorous.

You can go on calling yourself bi-sexual if you prefer. This doesn't matter to me, and may well better describe how sexuality and amourousness fit into your life. Nobody said you had to adopt the term for yourself.

Sex is something I sometimes share with people I already feel close with, so only happens in the context of building and growing a loving relationship. For millions and millions of "gay" and "bi-" folks, sex is a casual form of recreation. So what's wrong with me choosing to emphasize who I am in my self-descriptoin? I do not find this need "funny". I find it rather painful and challenging-- tragic.

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