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I'd say the relationships doesn't "usually" end unless it's meant to be so. Depends on the people, co-dependecy issues, being able to live and make decisions honestly.

A common scenario which I will make hypothetical:
Objectively, (like as far as the universe is concerned), 2 people get together and normally they would not work romantically. PersonA finds 2~3/10 things that they like in a person, in PersonB. PersonB finds 7/10 things that they like in a person, in PersonA. In NRE those things are amplified multiple times. PersonA thinks PersonB is AMAZING...often can't really explain it and feels it's something magical. PersonB feels the same thing, but is able to voice his/her opinions more accurately "for some reason". Eventually, when NRE dies out (2 weeks - 6 months) it could go either way.
1. break up because of a defunct relationship
2. break up because of a tip in balance, emotional issues, life goals etc.
3. break up because the feelings are just simply gone
4. stay together because of loneliness issues
5. stay together because a mutual harmony has been reached(love, good communication)
6. stay together because of complex obligations(kids, etc)

5 is the rarest, however all of these conclusions can merge with each other. A lot of times the relationships starts with NRE, turns into #6, and then eventually balances into #5. It really all depends on the people.
-"There hasn't been a person i've been with that I didn't love for 10 seconds to 10 years." David Duchovny

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