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Originally Posted by glowinthedarkstars View Post
We go to a lot of parties, yes almost as singles it seems. I love parties but this is challanging!. P expects me to to flirt and get to know others with the same ease as his but for me its a strugggle. I am learning though by being pushed out of my comfort zone. I am also however having more troublesome times at parties than not. Thanks for the feedback everyone its great to get soem joined insight.
Hey Glow,

Well, and as Ygirl said, you don't HAVE to go to all these parties. And you certainly don't have to go to one just because someone else expects you to !

It's a good thing to have our comfort zone stretched on occasion but there's a balance there too. Too much and it's not 'stretching' - it's punishing. Little good comes from that.

Not everyone is cut out to be a social butterfly ! It's just not in their nature. There's a difference between being able to comfortably navigate social obligations and seeking them like some vital life force !
Embrace who you REALLY are ! That's who you will spend the rest of your life living with - preferably loving them (you) the whole time.

Remember - it's nothing more than a cultural thing. In the long term is has little meaning or importance. Right now the party culture is close to you. It's good practice for developing certain skills - nothing more. When it get's to a point you are suffering more than you are gaining it's time for a second look at what you could be doing with your time/life.

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