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whoa, I didn't mean to offend River, I don't know if you're mocking me or my diction. I was merely stating that the thread was interesting and amusing. forgive my word choice.

I myself am a pansexual, and I generally agree that a re-making of terms for all the grey areas of life is definitely needed. However bi-sexual has it's roots in biology and later evolved. I don't feel there's anything wrong with the term, if just properly understood. heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual are scientific terms for sexual orientation. Sexual orientation describes the pattern of sexual attraction, behavior and identity that we have individually. It doesn't HAVE to mean all those negative things are associated to it. I feel remaking the word so it doesn't have "sex" in it is impractical.

Also an "additive definition" is a definition liberally attached to an existing intensional definition as a work around. What wrong with that word?
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