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Red face

Ok, this is honestly funny.

So the festival.

First, I realized that(unlike many people) I do not like "porn-like" public displays of affection(PDAs). Hand holding is ok. Hugging, kissing, sure. Nipple tweaking(complete with anime porn squealing sounds) and naked kissing with fondling? Jealousy, irritation and all around grumpiness on my part. Now that I know this in the future if such things get started, I will leave. Or if they are really insistent about it, I'll either get a spray bottle or some popcorn.

Second, and this is where I think it gets funny. Because of my irritation with somehow ending up in a "Sexy Chicks Room" instead of the festival I was going to, as well as the fact that all of the people I felt chemistry with were not really appropriate, I wasn't trying to flirt with anyone. So, around Saturday night one of my dear friends had a very strong intoxicant that he offered to give to me. I declined but himself, his girlfriend, and a young lady(here called KSG) helped themselves to this very strong intoxicant.

Now when this happened after considering my options, I decided to help the trio out, make sure they had water, and basically play "sober guy". The night passed with a minimum of incident and what seemed like a small amount of interest on the part of KSG increased quite a bit. I chatted with her last night after I got home and was invited by her to go to another festival this fall and next spring. I'm trying very hard not to read too much into it, but for reasons that I'm not quite sure of, it just "feels" like she is interested in a romantic way.

If that is the case and things work out, then I will make sure to make a separate post here stating explicitly that the people who said, "well, when you stop working on dating, dating will happen" were right and I was wrong.
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