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I think it is really rare...and to have four people fall in love with each other, would be kind of rare also...there would always be one, that wasn't feeling it.
In this case, seems as all four feel the same way, and all of us are on a NRE high. Then you add in, that we have been great friends for 7 years, but not in this particular adds up to quite a mix. For the last two nights, we have done sleep overs...last night, in seperate houses. I'm sure the neighborhood is enjoying thoughts on the situation, due to the fact that I am the first house on our dead end Jack's truck is here in the early am..when his brother in law, heads to work. Funny, they must not dare ask. I guess we are just a wild and crazy group, and they have become to accept our weird ways. At some point, I would think one of us will get confronted..Jack and I always are going into the local stores together, without Scoobs and Bobbi. If that happens..most likely I will just say, yup, he's my Candi
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