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Lightbulb Slippery slope

Slippery slope is a Fine place I've found myself in. I am married to the love of my life and then I fell in love with a friend that's a lesbian. We (she and I) haven't done anything physical. And more than likely that will have to wait. She lives in another state. I am hoping she moves here soon. But I just had to tell my husband that I have feelings for her. And all he said was "ok" ..... That's it. I was expecting questions, concerns or something. And I get nothing. Did I miss something?
That was harder than I expected. He's not a big communicator.
She had I have had most of the new relationship on the phone and in emails. She respects my marriage and I believe she will enhance our lives. But I'm afraid because she isn't his "type" he's gonna be less than pleased about talking to me about this.

MEN, know this is why women go astray. You make it so hard to talk. Gaaah!!!!

He just made some excuse and left the room. We've had three unicorns before and really it was fun sex but nothing notable in the love department. I wanted someone to love and although she doesn't look like a unicorn (mythical and whimsical) she's a great person and I adore her. They got along well a few weeks ago when she was here visiting. Any advice?? HELP!

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