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For the most part I'm not a big fan of NRE. Although I don't deal with it very often I find it primarily blinds people to reason and the emotions of others.

NRE is a selfish thing I find...not intentionally, but it makes you think everyone around you should be just as happy and understand your joy when often they just want you to shut up.

It does make for great sex, I agree. But true connection makes for better in my opinion. NRE is the animal phase, rutting season, after that it's the human phase; passion fueled by actual connection and not simply screwed up chemicals.

Tangent alert!!

I read an article on our local poly sight about monogamy lowering men's libido. I have often said "for every beautiful woman out there, there is a guy bored of fucking her". I have learned a lot since then. Now I think of it more as "For every beautiful women out there, there is a guy saying I love you to her but has lost true connection with her".

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