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Originally Posted by saudade View Post's also the mainstream model for meeting one's goals. You get a ring, and you have someone to split the bills and the chores and bitch to about your day, with sex thrown in as an added bonus.
Oh dear ! Scary life outlook ! But You're probably right
But think about it. Most of these same 'advantages' can be worked out in a poly arrangement too. Everything but legal protection/insurance etc.

Originally Posted by saudade View Post
Thing is, maybe relating in a poly way would free the everywoman from having to get all her needs met in one place. Even if she can only find one partner, and even if they call it monogamy, maybe she realizes that it's okay for the relationship to not be her One True Perfect Relationship, and that it doesn't need to meet all of her needs. That alone would be pretty awesome.

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....... I do in fact proselytize about poly, but usually not in moments of advice-giving. I'd rather just live my life and have it be good, and have people see that as my testimony, not my words.
I'm not a big fan of proselytizing - it's really offensive. But there's a way to offer information and let in drop unless more questions are forthcoming. Which then get answered honestly. Like you hinted at - something along the lines of .......
"well, there's more than one way to have good people and support in your life - but sometimes it takes more than one - and we have a name for that !"

Originally Posted by saudade View Post
PS-- I totally want men in on this discussion. Maybe it's just me?
LOL - well, men will undoubtedly chime in if they desire but like I mentioned a couple posts back, our input is not really applicable to the discussion. It's the credibility factor.

If you are going to listen to discussion about how to kayak, you aren't going to listen to the guy in the speed boat.

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