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Originally Posted by saudade View Post

That she has a 'strong personality' is definitely part of why he loves her. That yours is (I'm guessing) much quieter in contrast is likely to be part of why he loves you, at least from where I'm standing looking in. Even if he seems as boisterous or energetic or whatever as she is, the idea of you being there for a quiet moment with him is probably far more comforting than you realize.
I can tell you this with complete understanding. Breathes is the type who is always moving in some form or fashion & talks almost constantly. Possibility is quiet and stationary most of the time. It can be quite a relief to spend a couple of quiet hours in his prescence after an exhausting week watching Breathes move constantly and listen to his puns and jokes all the time.

He might love her 'more' now, though him living with you and putting her on hold doesn't give that theory much weight.
Breathes has a friend, former fwb, whom he has been friends with for a good many years. He doesn't love me any less because he's known her longer. He loves us each differently.
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