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Red face Zei


I'll introduce myself as Zei [pronounced like the letter Z alone]. I -do- have a normal birth given name, but I actually prefer Zei due to its very personal identification. =D I'll be 25 on July 4th.

I'm not religious so much as I am spiritual. I find spirituality very personal and unique to the individual. I'm an artist. There are many hobbies and things I enjoy to do. I love good conversation, good food, cooking, hiking, exploring the outdoors, geocaching, reading, tea...I do love tea [I have an entire cabinet dedicated to my tea], drawing, painting, crafting, music, concerts, the zoo, kitties, gaming, and I'm a huge movie buff. I'm actually quite the nerd.

I live with my boyfriend in Colorado. We are very new to this lifestyle choice. It's been a little over a month since I brought up the idea. I wasn't sure he'd be okay with it, but I knew he'd listen. Lucky for me he is quite excited about the idea himself!

I personally stumbled into the idea of being poly by being forced to evaluate my mental and emotional state in realizing I just feel my capacity for loving people is endless. My boy and I have had some rough spots where I thought I had fallen for someone else, and this meant I had to leave him because obviously in this society I was raised in it was not okay to have more than one person to intimately care for! I never actually did, he let me be stupid and held my hand [so to speak] the whole way. Sure we have our problems but what relationship doesn't?

Then, I had a friend mention how she and her boy have a tendency to coax people into bed with them...and realized that I was strangely comfortable with this idea. It all fell into place after that. I started to research the idea, I knew that people had non-monogamous relationships...but I never really looked into it to understand to what extent. The more I read and learned, the more I felt like I'd found a place to be comfortable. It was very liberating! Not too long after I approached my boy about it and we've been discussing it on and off ever since. We're both very happy and it has seemed to bring us even closer together.

I can't really say what I'm interested in finding at the moment. More or less just friends to talk to about it, people that are understanding and open as well. It's not exactly something to broadcast to the world in our society...nor do I feel it needs to be. I want to make new poly friends.

So, Hai!
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