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Once again, I want to offer everyone my most sincere thanks for offering all the advice and opinions above. It's helped me a lot in getting a clearer perspective on my situation, and I feel like every word I've read here has helped me grow to become a more mature person.

Ultimately, I know that what I want emotionally is to try and continue things with my girlfriend. I love her very much, and I know that a future with her would still be one with a lot of happiness in it. However, I recognize that there is something that needs to be changed in order for me and her to get this relationship into a good place, and I'm not quite sure what exactly that is. I know that I am fully willing to make every apologetic, loving gesture I can to her in hopes of resolving my own mistakes, but I am not willing to be the only one working to make the relationship work. As my one of my close RL friends told me, "Staying with her will likely make you happier, but leaving her is probably better for you overall."

I want to be able to say I at least came to her with some ways to fix the relationship that don't involve me making all the effort to do so. If she acknowledges and accepts them, then I am fully willing to put ever inch of my own effort into getting things fixed. If she doesn't, then I will regretfully tell her that a relationship between the two of us can't continue until she's willing to try. So my question is, what are the things I need to be asking of her in order to make sure I'm not the only one trying to fix the relationship?
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