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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I absolutely tell people. ....................
A few people have gotten saucer sized eyes-but most have been curious, interested and in wonderment.
That's awesome LR

And just to be clear - I don't see this in a framework of some 'poly-activist' role. But if you were trying to be supportive and helpful to a GF or even a stranger and you truly believe in the potential of poly life, to me it would only make sense to lay that out on the table as a possible option with some potential for success.

Yea - maybe you will get 'saucer eyes' - but that's ok. You've offered the information - there's no obligation to act on it. That's a personal choice. But to me, whenever I'm trying to help someone out, I prefer to layout as many options as I see possible.

I just wonder how much this is happening vs how much poly gals are afraid to potentially expose a side of themselves they are trying to keep hidden - and therefore steer away from entirely.

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