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Originally Posted by MrDreadful View Post
I'm scared of talking to women.

I ask that simple a question because women, are just people...there is no difference than communicating with a guy. If you need structure or lists, think of asking a woman out like the structure of an essay. Sometimes they are short sometimes they are long.

Rarely does it work to just walk up and ask a girl out...

so you want to just talk to them. What they like, sound board off of that. This is also where you figure out if YOU have anything in common with them. You might find you are on opposite ends of the spectrum with certain things. You might end up finding someone with some amazingly similar views that inspire more conversation. Remember the thing women hate most is a desperate man. So if you are coming across like you want to date every girl you meet, they will sense it. ...

Once you have a rapport...start for example. Its not creepy and its friendly...depending on the rapport you could try bringing up your relationship can do it any way you feel comfortable. Sorry there is no magic bullet to this

now I am not going to keep going and walk you through getting a gf...

but seriously, why? Its just talking. What are they going to do, say no and walk away. Big whoop

you have 0 chance of getting a girlfriend if you never talk to them.

Lastly why not try a mutually comfortable setting like a poly group or meeting. Talk with women who are actually available and educated about poly. It eliminates that initial challenge with "how do you bring poly up"...

On a not-entirely-unrelated note: is it weird that if I did embark on another relationship with another woman I'd much prefer any first 'date' to be a day out at a museum or art gallery than drinks or a romantic meal?
No...its not weird. Its not every bodies favorite date. But some people like it.
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