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I'm scared of talking to women.

There, I said it.

I've never been very good at it anyway, but after events mentioned in the previous post I'm rather scared of attempting to ascertain whether there is any actual interest just in case there isn't. Sounds silly saying it out loud (as it were) but I can't help it, I don't exactly have bags of self-esteem or charisma as it is and my track record of trying to ask Actual Women out isn't great (the few relationships I've actually been in thus far were instigated by the woman). There are women I really, really like and would like to possibly date and stuff eventually but I've realised that I have no idea how I'd approach it, especially regarding the bit where I'm already married (there's no way I can play that in my head without it sounding like I'm some sleazebag trying for an illicit affair).

I wonder whether this will end up being where it ends, with Mrs. D after all this time telling me she's okay with it, but me being too chicken to do anything about it. Thing is, I've been badly burned already (the fallout from the thinking-woman-was-interested-when-she-wasn't thing is still being felt two years later and has ruined what was a fantastic friendship) and don't want to be again. Sigh.
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