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JKelly said: Rpcrazy, don't you know that all bi- people are attracted to every single person that they meet and that they have no innate sense of when making a pass is inappropriate? I thought everyone knew that.
Oh, ouch!

Ok, so maybe that did come across poorly, but it is more just pointing out that we don't have a lot of experience socializing with the LGBT community in person and that he (hubby) might be a little more squeamish than me if I were to date a bi-man. I definitely did not mean to imply that bi people go around drooling over anything on two legs. :P

DD123 said: I have to disagree - Im bi and Im not attracted to everone I meet. Im still picky, I still look for certain characteristics in a partner, and I still am more attracted to women than men; maybe because I have been with more women than men, but that doesnt mean that Im not open to having fun with a guy, cuz I am. But I am certainly not attracted to eveyone I meet - for me personally there is a greater number of people that I meet that I am NOT attracted to than people I am attracted to, regardless of them being male or female.
Actually jkelly is kinda joking here. Poking fun at my comment from earlier.
Life is about the journey and not the destination,
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