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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
Rpcrazy, don't you know that all bi- people are attracted to every single person that they meet and that they have no innate sense of when making a pass is inappropriate? I thought everyone knew that.
I have to disagree - Im bi and Im not attracted to everone I meet. Im still picky, I still look for certain characteristics in a partner, and I still am more attracted to women than men; maybe because I have been with more women than men, but that doesnt mean that Im not open to having fun with a guy, cuz I am. But I am certainly not attracted to eveyone I meet - for me personally there is a greater number of people that I meet that I am NOT attracted to than people I am attracted to, regardless of them being male or female.

As for the original question: The sexuality of the people I date doest really matter, as long as their sexuality includes me Im happy
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