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Originally Posted by River View Post
These questions are mainly for the hetero- folks in the forum.

(You may also chime in if you are gay or bi, if you like, but I'm mainly interested in what the hetero- folks have to say on this matter.)

Would you be as likely to "date" a bisexual (or biamorous) person of the opposite sex as a hetero- person of the opposite sex?

Why? Why not?


[biamory is a term coined to distinguish bisexuals who aren't interested in same-sex "-amory" (loving relationships) from those who are. Many bisexuals are not actually biamorous. Some are only interested in same sex encounters if they involve only recreational ("casual") sex.
Don't know. I suppose, if generally they had the same interests, if I was attracted to them in every other way.
Mind, I'm not poly at all, I'm just interested with the concept, that's why I've joined.

I'd actually find it a bit intriguing, I suppose...but then I'm odd that way...

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