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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
I was kind of wondering why so many people's responses seemed to assume that the relationship was worth further work. If everyone missed the fact that she was hitting the OP, that makes it somewhat easier to understand.
AGREED ! Thats why I stopped reading this thread for a day or so.

This is not some 15 year old relationship, where some type of family death, or trauma happened and a spouse lost it for one day. That type of situation has a long history to show that it is not normal for a person to behave that way.

If she is hitting him so soon, over such minor things,`s ridiculous to even contemplate staying.

'Charismatic narcissist',.....Is the term I would use to describe what I hear about her. Nothing is ever her fault. Along with the link I gave previously.

but,...people return to sick cycles all the time.

The only thing that ever stops it, is the abused person getting some time and distance from the abuser.

Once they have that, they can then gain some healthy perspective, remember what the 'self-preservation' is, and then stop the cycle through their own decisions.
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