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River: You're right, I need to rise above the love I feel for him and be more objective. But right now I'm on an emotional rollercoaster that makes me "distort the reality", so to speak. I cannot make a decision about finishing the relationship right now (he's caring, loving and very supportive in other critical areas of my life), I must regain balance first.

SchrodingersCat: I don't trust her either, as you say, she's a cheater. And you're right about me using condoms with G., too.

Mono: You've got a point! Selfishness, plain and simple.

SchrodingersCat: I know he really believed that there was no risk, that her word was the truth. You see, he trust people, he really does. And I know because I'm the exact opposite, it amazes me how he never thinks that something anybody says has hidden stuff or could be a lie. That's why I didn't send him to hell in the first place

Thank you very much for all the input!
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