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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
does this preclude men from answering
Well - actually yes Ari <chuckle>

Because the conversation - and credibility is not at all the same. That's the biggest part of the problem. Like you, I've had these conversations and with ladies that I had no particular interest in other than trying to be helpful.
But I'm a 'man' - and we're just players, predators etc. We have little credibility.

However, if this comes from another woman the situation is entirely different. I believe that even if there appears to be no 'immediate' acceptance- the seed is planted. Later - at some variable time - when thinking through it's pretty common for a reaction to occur like...."hmmmm maybe what Ms XXXX wasw saying is worth considering". It's only then that things may begin to change.

But thanks for your efforts too. Hopefully they can help.

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