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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
ohhh, I feel your pain. Nipple was one of the most painful ones I got. I only did one side at a time because I'm a side sleeper. I was trying to be cheap by reusing a stud that used to be in my tongue (cleaned & autoclaved of course) but it was too short, and rather than going back to my piercer and asking about it, I just took it out. Wasn't all that thrilled with it. Might consider it in the future. Vertical ones. But my nipples get sore enough at the end of a day of bra wearing, and I seem to recall that not wearing a bra was even worse when the piercing was fresh. Friction...

Whenever you get 2 piercings at the same time, the 2nd is usually worse. The first one has the psych-up and adrenaline and release, but then afterwards you're a little hormonally tapped, so you have no "protection" for the second. I'm trying to imagine how likely it would be to find two qualified piercers who would be willing to do them simultaneously. Wow would that be intense!!! 1-2-3-(%$&*#@%!
i'm actually a side sleeper and was worried about it but as one of the girls there who had her done said a tight bra is your friend i got rings instead of barbells. At this point i can run my hands over my nipples with the bra on and it doesn't hurt. the walk home with my regular bra on was intense, i was so on edge. 4 hours later on cam with Frosty he could still see my hands shaking. it was quite funny because after it was all over Rene looked at me and said i like the noises you made. I didn't scream or anything but i let out this loud yell that was half a growl and had my teeth gritted. I remember giving birth and doing the same sorta, growling omfg this hurts noises as i did during the 2nd piercing gone. I could never get my tongue pierced. I even held the clamps myself.

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