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That's the thing SchrodingersCat... I don't want a relationship. He's a friend. I just wanted to kiss him honestly. But I'm sure he didn't know. He probably thouhgt that I wanted to add him to my "collection" of men. Ha!

Yeah.. he's been scared away. I should have just not said anything... he already knew I was poly... We are friends on line and he can see from a few of my oline blogs and sites that I'm more open than most. As soon as I told him I liked him, he said..."you see, I don't understand what you and J have... this open the hell does that work?" So, I think you're right. He probably thouhgt I was asking him to "join us...join us... walk into the light"

day by day it gets easier to deal with what I feel is rejection. My primary and a few friends keep telling me it's not rejection... that the guy is just scared and confused. They may be right... but honestly, it still hurts a bit... I'm being a teen girl about it. Blogging (privately) and listening to music he likes and singing along loudly. I looked up the limerence thing...I feel as if this is what is happening to me. I'm obsessed... not with him. But since I have not heard from him... a guy I just wanted to kiss and had no true love feelings for ... has turned into something else. I don't want these feelings and I will be very happy when they calm down. Don' t get me wrong. I'll always like him... if he ever wanted more from me I'd be there quick fast and in a hurry... but That's not saying much. I feel that way about lots of guys... it's just the feeling of being ignored that is driving me crazy...

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