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Well, I don't know if the floaty feeling is oxytocin. That could just be seratonin and some other endorphins. Man, all this is making me want to take a neurochem course. Why is it that every time I decide on a major, something else really interesting comes up that I want to learn about??

Anyway, the snuggly feeling that I described as oxytocin is the feeling of wanting to be close to him. I don't think it precludes being hyper, however I've read that men produce less of it and perhaps therefore have fewer receptors for it, so it is possible that you also aren't as reactive to it. I know I am!

Oddly enough, topping makes me full of energy. After a session as a top, bringing them to some exciting levels, I feel wide awake and ready to go. Which is often incompatible with the puddle I've turned my partner into :P But good top that I am, I cuddle and comfort them rather than taking off leaving them on their own...
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