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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
It's possible that an un-merged person who is demanding more time or attention ect. from a partner that is merged with someone else or merged with a family- is a person who is actually desiring to be merged and maybe doesn't realize it yet.
Yes, I like your point! Food for thought. Perhaps you are right.

Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
I don't think I understand what you're getting at. Dating someone with kids is a completely different experience than dating someone who doesn't have them.

Dating someone who is involved in a long-term serious relationship is a completely different experience than dating someone who doesn't have one.

But I don't think that these two things have a lot in common, and I don't have any idea what they might have to do with finances.

I mean, I've dated a single mother, I've dated someone with a long-term primary, and I've mingled my finances with a partner. But sharing a bank account was an entirely different experience than trying to co-parent.
Merged would mean someone that has a partner that they are committed to in a marriage or the like, has kids and/or joint bank accounts with someone... owns property that they both are responsible for... that kind of thing. Is that more clear?
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