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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
You are having a conversation over coffee (or tequila) and the subject turns to relationships. She's telling you she hates being alone and is having little luck finding a 'classical' mate. Do you open the topic of poly - and how it could be a legitimate option for her to build intimacy and a strong support system ? And if you don't, but just try to offer sympathy and 'classic' dating advice - WHY ?
I guess it depends what kinds of difficulties she's having.

I mean, if you're having trouble meeting someone who has the same interests as you, same goals, sexual attraction, is responsible enough to be a good role model for your kids and a reliable parent, and that whole package, then it's going to be just as hard if you're poly.

Perhaps you were talking about the notion that by opening her options to the poly dating pool, she might be able to find more compatible mates? I guess that's possible, but the poly dating pool is so small, adding those potential partners is a bit of a water drop in the bucket.
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