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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I would never have even considered this a problem. I guess, since I was raised by my dad while my mom was corporate big wig (in the 70s), I just figured this was long gone...I am a little flabbergasted to be honest.
Oh Hells no, stay-at-home dads are still a rare commodity. Most families where the mom wants to work involve sitters, daycare, or part-time jobs for mom.

The 70's was great for giving women the option of working or staying home. But back then, and even now, it's not like all women actually wanted to go out and work. A lot of women want to be mommies. And frankly, if I was going to do all the hard work of being a Mommy, I personally wouldn't want the burden of balancing it with a career. And for those women who want it all, I say a big Kudos because I sure couldn't!!
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