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So, first portion of the weekend away...didn't go as well as it could have, but definitely made some headway. "Elric" and I met up and talked for a few hours and then met up with "Cajun", our daughter and my mom for dinner.

I'll start with the main mom was with us. She knows nothing about what is going on yet. So it was kinda difficult, when my men finally got to meet for the first time to have sort of conversation about what the three of us were really thinking about. Good thing it was dinner and we could be kept busy by feeding our faces. :P But at least they didn't take an instant dislike to each other.

On the other hand, he and I made some headway this afternoon. We actually had a chance to discuss things. Up until now it was always just talking TO each other, this time we actually talked WITH each other. We did a lot of discussing on things we had said before so that we could really understand what was going on in our minds and hearts. I learned things about him and he learned things about me. His current concerns are valid, but they aren't anything that cannot be dealt with, especially with time, patience and communication.

We unfortunately had to stop as we had to go meet up with my hubby (and mom) for dinner, but I will be seeing him again on Monday as well as Tuesday night, before I head back home Wednesday...and a lot can happen between now and then.

Of course, the one thing that I had confirmed for myself is how I feel about him, and that I would do a lot, wait and/or "date" him as long as he needed for us to have a chance to be together.

On a positive thought, he didn't seem to want to let go of our hug at the end of the night.
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