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Originally Posted by River View Post
These questions are mainly for the hetero- folks in the forum.

Would you be as likely to "date" a bisexual (or biamorous) person of the opposite sex as a hetero- person of the opposite sex?

Why? Why not?
I idenitfy as straight. According to a 2002 CDC survey, 2.8% of women identify as bi-. After a rough count off the top of my head, something like a third of the women I've been involved with have identified as either bi- or lesbian. It seems pretty clear statistically that I am vastly more likely to date someone who is bi-.

As for why, I couldn't say with any confidence. I suspect that there are two things going on. One is that I tend to date people who are, well, awesome people. Someone who goes through the process of coming out in the society I've lived in has already done an enormous amount of personal growth and has taken a a courageous stand against homophobia. That level of self-knowledge and courage is very attractive! The other thing is that people who have already had to leave the mainstream by being bi- are more likely to wind up exploring other non-mainstream social circles, such as by also being poly-, Pagan, into kink, a Burner, etc. so I'm more likely to meet them.
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