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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
Great posts Roly and Derby...makes one think, can I be happy in my own right? Real contentment in life is achieved then. Thanks for the food for thought!
After I separated from my ex, I thought I would die. One the Christmas day of that year I was walking alone in the snow and realized I was smiling for no apparent reason...that is when I connected with myself and realized being alone can be amazing. I am my own pillar now, which gives me grounding to love with more force than ever in my life. Redpepper gets that love and knows the source of it's strength. Because she knows I have myself, she doesn't ever have to fear that I will wither and die should things change. Because I am so comfortable alone I can be completely vulnerable to her which takes us to a completely different level of depth for both of us.

Is this a tangent or related?

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