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I fully agree with just about everyone that this chick is a major head case.

I love how in her letter, she says that her counsellors, friends, family, all agree that what she was not abusive. After only getting her side of the story.

That whole bit about "abusers never apologize" is pure and utter bullshit. Abusers apologize all the time. It's a major component of the abuse cycle. It's how they regain your trust so they can wind up and hit you again.

Speaking of which, she PHYSICALLY HIT YOU! I don't care what she says, no verbal or emotional behaviour ever EVER EVER merits physical violence in retaliation. EVER!

"Go make out with that chick" <you make out with that chick, as per her command> "Hey, you made out with that chick! That's cheating!" Uhmmm.... really? You actually fell for that?

Originally Posted by Crazy Psycho Chick
But informing individuals, such as your disapproving family, who have the ability to verbally chastize, alarm or contact my personal networks, workplaces and family, have access to my personal belongings as I stay there, or any other type of negative response is very dangerous for previously listed reasons, disrespectful of me, and a violation of my basic rights to privacy.

Let it once more be said that I will never attempt to prevent you from talking about your feelings to your family.
translation: "You are not allowed to talk to your family about me. But I will not attempt to prevent you from talking to your family about me."

[sarcasm]No, no that's not a mixed message at all.[/sarcasm]

Look, if she loves you and trusts you, then she should trust that your family is only trying to help you. I'm sure they have much better things to do than spread gossip about her. Does she really think she's such the center of the universe that all your family wants to do is talk about her and tell all their friends and go through her stuff? Puh-leaze!

Ugh. Just drop her sorry ass. This is SO FAR BEYOND "working on the relationship" because the problem is not confined to your relationship, the problem is herself and she has to work on that on her own. Let her three other boyfriends and two lovers deal with her shit. Go find yourself a girl with some sense.

You say your family and you are moving away? I say, good. Clean start. New friends with no previous history and issues.

And next time your gut gives you a feeling that this is wrong, believe your gut. It's an instinct that has taken hundreds of thousands of years to develop, and it's very reliable, and it's there for a reason. When your gut says run -- RUN! Otherwise, you'll be eaten by these sabre tooth tigers again and again.
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