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oh sorry about ...scat.... just trying to shorten name there. wasn't really thinking lol

""does he have any redeeming qualities? As for them meeting, are you worried your new guy is going to pick up behaviours from your crummy boyfriend? I'm sure there have been bad influences in his life before, and he's managed to avoid them."""

I pick up crummy behaviours from him! lol he's a hard worker plus he is my imago match but no real redeeming qualities beyond that. That imago I try to explain post above basically it is the oh so special craziness from my Dad (manic bipolar crazy like) and my mom (drinking problems) Crummy boyfriend threatens violence on anyone so just no point in them meeting. My x husband is the same way. People would say about my x and his personality type you either totally love him or you hate is guts and it is true. I can guarantee new man would hate my x and crummy man. They are my old attempts at healing myself before my new spiritual awareness started to get integrated into my life.

""""I think the only way to get what you want is to find someone else who wants the same thing. Staying in a relationship that doesn't meet your needs hinders you from finding one that does."""""

Thanks for that, it makes a lot of good sense. Something I've been sorely lacking for most of my life. Bless you.
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