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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
that puts you at risk. .
putting anyone at risk is for any type of STD without thier knowledge is a brutally selfish act which borders on criminal and sometimes is. The worst example of this is when it involves an unknowing partner being cheated on. This type of behavior effectively has an impact not just on the unknowing person's health, but on thier abiltity to form new connections in the future. Think about it: you find out that your spouse had unprotected sex and caught an STD which they passed on to you. Now you have a responsibility to inform any other potential partners that you are infected and they will have to add that to the equation when deciding if you are worth the investment. All because soemone you thought was honest gave you an STD?! The only other thing worse would be if you knowingly engaged in unprotected sex with someone who had an STD and then continued to have sex with another partner without telling them. SELFISH!...there's my rant

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