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Default Idealist Poly Blog Part 25- MY FIRST DATE WITH A COUPLE

I have a date tonight with a married couple. We met online and have been e-mailing and talking on the phone!! I am so excited. Tonight is a big step for me in my life. My meeting this couple is an act which symbolizes my seriousness and desire for this type of relationship. I have had this dream and desire for many many years. And although I am a person who pursues what I want, it has taken me about 10 years to address this desire of mine, take it seriously and begin to take actions in that direction.

I realize that this particular relationship may not go beyond this one date, but my excitment is about the fact that I am finally doing it. The physical act of getting dressed, driving to the restarant, meeting them and talking etc. brings my body, mind and soul together in the quest. I feel very empowered by my own decision to take action. If there is anyone reading this who would like to feel a bit more empowered, I suggest to take some action. Try (as I will do) to stay as non-attached to the outcome as possible....stay in the moment....and enjoy!!!

This forum has helped me!! Thanks to everyone who has shared your successes and struggles. I feel very isolated here in the Deep South, but this forum helps me so much and I am grateful for it!!

So- I'm going to get ready for my date and I will report back to everyone!!!
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.
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