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Originally Posted by River View Post
Hmm. Aren't most people who engage in casual sex not really much available for a mature, wholesome, lasting relationship? In my observation and experience, this is so. But most of this experience is with or about queer men. Perhaps it's different in a heterosexual context. (I'm bi-, but most of my experience is with other men.)
Obviously I can only comment as a straight male. By why does one need to absolutely preclude the other? Why can't you enjoy casual sex and have feeling develop naturally?

does the person you are having sex with only have sex with you. I would imagine you kind of date, hang out...casually have sports etc. I have never just randomly gone into a bedroom, bumped pelvises and than walked away (honestly, I have never done a one night stand in THAT regard), there was more to it than just the sex...

Did all of them end up as "loves" no...I had fun times trying to find a "love" though. Most are friends now...and who knows a couple have come back for repeat sessions, if they become single in the future, who knows what that casual sex will bring.

I am not talking one night stands, those for the most part preclude any future contact. sis in law married a one night stand. He picked her up in the bar, they connected...for 3 days. Its amazing what happens once those chemicals start flowing.

I think excluding a chance to meet someone, based strictly on sexual restriction is just plain odd. If I am attracted to someone, and they are to me...let those chemicals run wild ...(with appropriate protection of course hahaha)
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