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I totally agree w/ you CielDuMatin...I feel like I want to get it out there... now of course in certain settings (work, some school things, etc) I keep to my self... but if I like someone I am not afraid to tell them. Thanks to you guys on this site and some really good friends and my awesome primary... I'm working through my feelings now and having a fun time doing it. The friend that I kissed still has not responded.. he did post a note on his website about taking a break from his phone, interwebs, and other things until work is done... this to me means that he is okay... I was just worried... maybe one day we'll talk... if he ever wants to but I'm happy now... and keeping busy is getting me through it.

My good friend C.H. told me what I needed to hear today... she just said "drop it... you made him question everything he has been taught to believe about life and love... that scares the s*it out of people"....

I had never thought about it from that point of view. I am so happy now... Just to give myself permission to stop feeling guilty and worrying about it. I kissed a boy... the world will not end. I KISSED A BOY...THE WORLD WILL NOT END.

I need to put that on a T-shirt.
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