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My husband and I have had a ldr most of our relationship. We lived in different cities for the first year that we were dating and then over the past 7 years we have been apart more than we have been together. It has been a learning experience. If he is somewhere where he can chat we set aside webcam time that is just for us with neither of us multi-tasking chatting to anyone else. There are times that due to his job and where he is that all we have is email. We make the best we can out of it.

I find the hardest part of a ldr is the period of time right before you know that you're going to be apart again for a long period of time. I tend to be really unpleasant during that last bit of time together and I think it is a subconscious thing that I do so that it's easier for him to leave me.

I never find anything awkward about being together again though. We just pick up right where we left off. Would I prefer things were different? Absolutely! But then the grass is always greener, right? With him away I have had to develop my own sense of self and find my own interests and friends. I've also grown to appreciate my own company. I like to be able to do what I want to around the house when I want to do it. I wouldn't have that freedom with a partner around all the time.

Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok it's not the end.
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