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Thanks for your thoughts so far RP and AT,

So - to get to maybe a more clear questions, let's construct a scenario.......

Let's say you have a single GF - maybe with a child or two - maybe not. You are having a conversation over coffee (or tequila) and the subject turns to relationships. She's telling you she hates being alone and is having little luck finding a 'classical' mate.

Do you open the topic of poly - and how it could be a legitimate option for her to build intimacy and a strong support system ? And start the education by offering examples of how that can happen.

This is a TRUE questions for all you ladies that have (or don't have) these opportunities. How often do you expose this alternative (even without explaining your own personal discovery) ?

And if you don't, but just try to offer sympathy and 'classic' dating advice - WHY ??????

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