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Geez... I was having the same issuse. I'm a girl and I can't seem to get men to understand what it is I want..... they run away scared or they think I'm a slut. I have been poly w/ my primary for two years now. We have both started to look for other partners. He has been very lucky... women practically throw themselves at him and they will be okay wiht whatever he wants.... poly status and all..... me, on the other hand, Guys I like just think I'm a crazy whore... sorry about the choice of words... but I have been dealing with it for a while.

Question for you, Where do you find women? Are you in a small town w/ small minded values (or old timey views on relationships)? I live in a small/ med. sized art college town... that's why I think my guy has it so easy... lots of young girls all over the place looking for "something different". The only problem is that while my guy is in girl heaven... I'm stuck with lots of young guys that have not matured enough to know what the want from life.... so it seems harder for me... My guy is a bit older, almost 40. I'm 27. I like older men but I have no problems dating guys in my age group.. as long as they don't act like babies. Easier said then done.

I wish I knew a better way to tell you how to meet nice women... But I'm still working on it...
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