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Thanks guys.. i have still not heard from him. I think you were right.. I came on too strong... Like I was pushing my polyness onto him. I really just wanted him to know that i liked him. That's all... he is just a really good friend and now I'm afraid that I have messed it up somehow. In the future... I will not just blurt it out. Quath... I think he was trying to act more comfortable then he really was... that would explain the fact that he has not contacted me or my guy since it happened. He also had a few drinks in him so I think he woke up and was like "wtf did I let myself do... I kissed one of my best friends girl"... so yeah. I want to call him to let him know that it is okay. but I have a feeling he wont answer... i don't want to push him away even more. I am also afraid of rejection... this is the first time in years that a man I went after has not shown any interest... it hurts. My primary has been great about it. He pokes fun at me sometimes and he will talk abut it with me when I'm really down which cheers me up. Maybe I'll give it another week or two and then call the friend... I'll just apologize for making him kiss me... it sounds silly but I feel like I did something wrong..even though he kissed me back... more than once... and he seemed like he wanted more. Maybe he is just a scared little nerd. Men!!!! They drive me crazy:0
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