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Default Questions for the group...

Hey Everyone..

My wife and I finally transitioned from monogamy to polyamory roughly 2 months ago. We have several poly friends and it has been great. She is in a relationship with a great guy, and they very happy. He is also in a poly marriage, and it is working out very well for them.

That being said, it seems to be more difficult to find women in my age bracket (29 - 35) who...

1. Understand that polyamory is not just about "hooking up"
2. Doesn't feel threatened by my primary because they are looking to get married
3. Isn't looking for a replacement father for their kid (my primary and I are child-free)

One of my close friends, who is also poly, stated that its great being able to hook up for casual sex - but that isn't what I want.

I know this has been tackled before... but I think I am just venting. I guess I am looking for some words of encouragement or some advice. Do you think I am being too picky? What kind of experiences have you had? Dating sites (okc) just seem to point all the single mothers out there in my direction...

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