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Originally Posted by weareone View Post
I have a full back mural. how many? hmm the sun, representing HP, the dove representing holy spirit, jesus - prayer, buddha - meditation, dragon - addictions, eagle, owl - sponsors, dragonfly - friend, AA/Alanon symbol, wolves - false self/true self, water, fire, screaming skulls-enduring truth, phoenix - rebirth, snake, hummingbird, virgo symbol, taurus symbol, foxgloves, huckleberries, blackberries, lilacs, black framed birds, one on breast 2 on ankle. more than 22 I'd say, no piercings accept normal ears. What does vanilla mean?
May I have your permission to email this to my mom? She quit drinking through AA and she loves tattoos, she has 4 - started after her marriage ended to declare her independence. My favourite is the one I designed, it's on her shoulder, a celtic knot made out of mine and her astrological signs (pisces and aquarius) on top of a leaf. Anyway, she would really love it.

Vanilla means "plain and ordinary." When used in any alternative community, it refers to those people who are not in that community. It refers to the fact that vanilla ice cream is "plain flavour" and then you have all sorts of "other flavours".
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